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Kelvin Halloran – Lead vocals, guitars, songwriter & lyricist.

Performed in cover bands in the 80s as a vocalist. Picked up a guitar about seven years ago that was standing in the corner of the lounge for the last 20 years gathering dust. Since then he has written over 40 songs, recorded 2 albums and produced multiple music videos. Kelvin has a passion for writing and recording music in all its forms and has his own recording studio, with plenty of tea, coffee and bacon sandwiches on hand.

His music most certainly comes from the heart and speaks of everyday issues that affect many of us. Kelvin is a carer for his disabled sons and his music career has been on hold until now.

The band Sonic Kingdom formed in 2016 when Kelvin met up with Steve Davis who also worked with Kelvin extensively on the first album called “Who Am I” which is available on Apple iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and other music sites for download.

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